Whiskey Glass with complimentary set of 3 Whiskey Stones.


personalized whiskey glass

Considering an ideal gift for a whiskey connoisseur? Whiskey glasses and stones are typical options.

Lovers of top-quality whiskey, bourbon or scotch understands the roles of the duo - whiskey glasses and whiskey stones - in every drinking session.

What are Whiskey Stones?

Whiskey stones are made from soapstone. When frozen, it chills drinks to an ideal temperature, without diluting the taste or altering quality – as with ice cubes.

These tones come in sets of different numbers. Whiskey stones are relatively cheap. You can get a set for as low as $12.50 from our shop – customization cost inclusive. Incredibly affordable, right?

A skillfully crafted whiskey glass is another time-honored gift idea to whiskey lovers. Help that special person recollect those timeless moments with every sip. The glasses come in different types - old-fashioned glass, rocking glasses or one with stem.

These quintessential whiskey stones are an ideal gift option for fathers’ day, groomsmen party, birthday, wedding.

Why are whiskey stones better than ice cubes?

Simple – unlike ice cubes, whiskey stones do not melt and water down your liquor. Even more, they are tasteless, odorless and holds a chill longer than ice cubes.

Are whiskey stones safe??

Yes - FDA says so. These natural stones are 100% safe to put in your drink. It does not react with solvents such as alcohol, water, mild acids or detergents. They are not only safe for your health; they are safe for your glasses – they are soft and wont scratch your glass.

Are whiskey stones only for whiskeys?

Far from it. Whiskey stones, was originally named and designed by a whiskey lover – hence the name. Whiskey stones are suitable for all drinks. If you need to chill your drink without diluting – as with ice cubes – then go for whiskey stones.

How does Whiskey stones work?

Whiskey stones are made of soapstone. The stones contain talc, a material which when put in cold temperature, holds its chill – much longer than ice.

So, throw some stones in your freeze and allow to cold. Typically, three whiskey stones serve a glass.

Is your man a whiskey connoisseur? Still thinking of a befitting gift concept for him? Gift him a whiskey glass set with whiskey stones.

Make it even more remarkable. Customize cubes with name, initials or monogram of recipient and make your event live forever in the hearts of attendees with every sip.

Our skillfully crafted whiskey glasses and stones comes with in different sets. We also have a set of personalized whiskey decanter, glasses and stones – no better symbol of care to loved ones and gratitude to your guests.

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